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Why Recycle Computers?

Why recycle computers? It is unfortunate but desktop and laptop computers in Seattle, The United States and around the world are thrown out by the thousands. Many are even put into the trash even though that is illegal in most areas. Every single day without a second thought, computer users replace their old or broken computers and laptops with newer, or faster ones. The question is now what do you do with the old computer, laptop, or Mac? In most places it is illegal, with fines if you put electronics, or old computers into the trash. Here in Seattle you can’t simply throw away old computers with your regular garbage.

Unwanted or old computers actually hold recyclable materials that can in fact be very useful for re-purposing. You should consider this fact before you simply discard or throw away your old PC Mac or laptop even if you live in an area where it is not illegal to put electronics in the trash. Recycle them, as well as cell phones, cameras, tablets, and other types of e-waste.

why recycle computers

Why Recycle Computers: Old computers and laptops, with their motherboards contain very hazardous materials and toxic waste; such as lead, mercury, aluminum, and even more substances. If you improperly dispose of computers, or their motherboards, all of these toxic substances can be released into the environment even at a landfill. This harmful trash can in some cases even be exposed to or washed into ground water and can leach into the surrounding soil contaminating it. All of these toxic chemicals and substances can then cause problems in humans, and animals when they are exposed. These chemicals can potentially cause humans and animals who are exposed to suffer from multiple health conditions. These “sicknesses” could include respiratory failure, different types of cancer, and issues with reproduction in both men and women, and more problems. In order to prevent toxic waste from computers and electronics from causing harm, you need to recycle them responsibly. You can recycle your computers, laptops and electronics by taking them to a local recycling center such as Computer Recycle Seattle / Seattle Laptop.

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