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Seattle Computer Recycling Recycles All Stereo Equipment

We take in for recycling used stereos, and stereo equipment working or not.

Many stereos left for recycling either work, and can be used by someone else, or they can be repaired. Many of them are older, but functional, and we simply give them away or donate them. If you come by our store chances are you will find stereo equipment or boom boxes we have sitting out with “free” signs on them. We have given away dozens of working stereos to date to people that will now not have to go buy a new one. This is good for the environment, finding homes for old stereos so people don’t have to buy new ones.

Please bring in all your unneeded stereos, boom boxes, and equipment.

Cost of Stereo Recycling:

We recycle all stereos and stereo equipment at no charge.

Free Stereo Recycling


Our Street Address Is:

Seattle Computer Recycling
7523 Aurora Ave N
Seattle WA, 98103