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Computer Recycling Seattle Recycles All Cameras And Photography Equipment

Camera Recycling: We take in for recycling used cameras and photography equipment. Many of the cameras left for recycling work, and can be used by someone else, or they can be repaired easily. Camera recycling is similar to computer and laptop recycling. Many cameras are older, but still functional, and we sometimes just give them away or donate them, or find someone that can use them. Recycle your old camera if you don’t need it any more.

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Please bring in all your unneeded cameras for recycling and we will try to find them a home, or dispose of them properly. Even if they don’t work we can take care of them. There are folks who repair cameras and need parts so in most cases we can find a home and a use for almost all recycled cameras.

Cost of Camera Recycling

Free: We recycle all cameras at no charge. We also recycle camera accessories such as lenses, stands, and lighting at no charge. We also recycle camera tripods.

Camera Recycling Pickup Service: If your company has used photography equipment, and cameras, and you need them hauled away, let us know. We can schedule a recycling pickup for your used, or unneeded cameras, computers, or laptops. There are a number of video production companies in Seattle we work with as far as recycling their camera and video production equipment. We even recycle lights, and lighting.


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Our Hours Of Operation Are:

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