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About Seattle Computer Recycling: The management of Seattle Computer Recycling has been in the business of recycling Computers, Laptops, Macs, Macbooks,  and E-waste since 1995. We have always been a responsible computer and laptop recycler and aim to protect our environment as much as possible. Recycling for re-use is always the best option.

Recycling For Re-Use: Our company specializes in re-use of all recycled computers, laptops, and Macs. This means we do all we can to refurbish, and repair as many recycled computers as possible. For every computer laptop Macbook or Mac we can get working and find a home for, there will be one machine that doesn’t need to be manufactured, shipped, and then sold. Recycling and repairing computers, laptops, and Macs / Macbooks is great for the environment. Refurbishing for Re-Use is the best way to go about computer recycling.

We Sell Used Computers Laptops and Macbooks: We have for sale many used computers laptops and Macs at all times. All of our used computers come with a 30 day warranty or more, and have lifetime tech support! They have been thoroughly tested, and can be custom configured, and loaded for our customers. With our Mac Pro’s and Macbooks we will load your preference of MacOS. All used computers, laptops, and Macs sold have at least a 30 day warranty.

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