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Our only goal is to refurbish for re-use as many computers as possible. The more recycled computer equipment and laptops we can put back into service the less will need to be manufactured (overseas). In some cases it actually takes more energy to build a brand new computer than that computer will use during it’s entire lifetime. Re-Use is in our opinion even better than recycling when it is done properly by our company. We will refurbish for re-use as many recycled Macbooks laptops and desktops as possible.

Seattle Computer Recycling specializes in servicing, and supporting Macs, Macbooks, iMacs, and Mac Pros. From loading MacOS to installing hard drives, screens, keyboards, and doing liquid damage repair, we can fix it.

We have in stock most parts for Macbook repair also. If your Macbook needs repaired, we have most keyboards, screens, batteries, and other parts for quick repairs.

We are Mac Experts, and can do all the things the Mac Store simply won’t.

We Are Located At:

Seattle Computer Recycling
7523 Aurora Ave N
Seattle WA, 98103