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Corporate Computer Pick-Up

Technology Is Moving Faster Than Ever: These days technology related to computer equipment is moving faster than ever. Your company has probably already seen this march into the future with the technology you are using. It seems like the minute you buy a new cell phone, computer, tablet, Macbook, or laptop, there are already newer and better and more advanced models coming out. You can imagine how this affects both large and small corporations and local companies in the Seattle Area. Today’s companies and managers now rely more and more on the latest cutting-edge technology. They want to use the newest tools to help their employees perform better, and more efficiently. These managers must be constantly upgrading their computers laptops Macbooks etc. They all face the problem of properly disposing of, and recycling their old equipment. This is where Seattle Computer Recycling come in.

Seattle Computer Recycling Corporate Pick-Up Service: We will come to your company’s location and remove your old, outdated, and surplus electronics for recycling. We will either destroy the hard drives on the spot, or wipe the data and provide a certificate of destruction when necessary. Our team can also inventory, and record asset numbers as we remove recycled computers and laptops for your accounting.

Call To Schedule A Pick-Up: If your company needs a responsible company to remove their unwanted electronics, and computers, give Seattle Computer Recycling a call. We focus on re-use, and re-purposing of all computers and electronics possible. Finding a second life for functional recycled computers, laptops, and Macs is the best way to conserve the environment. There is no company in the Seattle Area that does more to repair and find a new user for recycled computers and electronics.

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