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We Recycle Electronics and E-Waste in Seattle

At Seattle Computer Recycling our company responsibly processes recycled electronics and e-waste. We focus on re-use, and will refurbish all recycled electronics possible for re-purposing. Any item that gets recycled that we can fix, and put back into service is one less thing that needs to get manufactured, and shipped. This saves energy costs, and saves the planet. Your Free E-Waste Recycling Solution!

Electronics Recycling Seattle

What Electronics Do We Recycle?

Our Company Takes in for Recycling: Cell Phones, Cameras, Scanners, POS Equipment, cash registers, POS terminals, Bar Code Readers, Cables, Connectors, and Networking Equipment. We also accept Surveying Equipment, Circuit Boards, Test Equipment, Oscilloscopes, Medical Devices, and Medical Equipment.

We Recycle Computers Laptops and Macs Too

Of course we recycle laptops, desktop computers, and Macs. We also will accept for recycling computer parts, mother boards, keyboards, ram, cpu’s, video cards, and computer cases. All computer related parts and pieces we recycle at Seattle Computer Recycling FOR FREE! There is a small charge to recycle printers, but we to take them, and process them responsibly.

Responsible Free E-Waste Recycling

Our staff is in the business of fixing recycled goods, and helping the environment while creating value. Did you know that there is no recycling company anywhere in Washington State that does more to fix recycled products and computers than Seattle Computer Recycling? Our parent company Seattle Laptop uses many parts from recycled computers and laptops for their repair service business. We put usable parts from recycled computers, laptops, and Macs back into service.

Recycled Electronic Device Repair

Our staff enjoys repairing broken recycled goods. Many cell phones, cameras, and tablets can be repaired and not simply sent off to be ground up by some machine. We fix as many recycled devices as possible. You may thing it is broken and simply E-Waste, but we may not. We might just fix your waste, and re-purpose it.

Please Wipe / Reset Cell Phones Before Recycling

Seattle Computer Recycling takes in a lot of cell phones for recycling. If they have a pin, or code we can not do anything with them except send them off to be processed for their materials. If you plan on recycling an old, or older cell phones, tablets, iPads, Macs, hard drivea or anything else with a password we suggest you prepare it for re-purposing. Reset the device – Cell Phone Recycling – and remove all your data. Set the pin to 123456, and then we can be sure your data has been removed, and it can safely be reused. We will always check to be sure no data is on any devices before finding them new homes, but it is still better if you wipe the device before bringing it in.



Seattle Computer Recycling Is Growing: Our company is expanding and taking on more customers every day. Our customers / friends like the way that we offer flexibility for their specific needs. From on-site data destruction, to data center break down and removal service, server removal, and all sorts of special assistance. We help with auditing, and inventory tracking of recycled items. Many companies have many types of E-Waste that we can help them process other than computers and laptops. If your need any special assistance just let us know how we can help. Our free E-Waste Recycling Service is unmatched.

Free E-Waste Recycling

Many electronics recyclers charge for taking items. We only charge to take in printers, and crt monitors, because we have to haul them, and pay to responsibly dispose of them. We recycled our customer’s E-waste for free because that is the best way to help our planet.