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Free LCD Recycling

Seattle Computer Recycling Will Recycle All Lcd Monitors And Their Power Supplies For Free. We recycle at no charge all lcd montors and their adapters, or power supplies, and bases. We also recycle VGA, and DVI video cables as well as HDMI cables, and power cables.

We Repair Some Recycled LCD Monitors

In many cases the LCD’s left for recycling don’t work. Many of them can actually be repaired. We fix them so they can be re-used. No other computer recycler in Seattle that we know of repairs broken LCD monitors that they recycle. Please bring in all your unneeded LCD monitors for recycling. Working or not.


Electronics Recycling

Cost of LCD Monitor and Adapter Recycling

There is no charge to recycle LCD Monitors or their adapters, video cables and parts. Recycling LCD’s is free at Seattle Computer Recycling. We do accept CRT monitors, and charge a $25 fee per monitor to process them.

Recycling LCD Monitors For Re-Use And Charity

Our company refurbishes for re-use and resells recycled LCD Monitors and cables. We sell them locally in our store, and also on the internet. We recycle far more LCD’s than we sell, so we have a surplus we pass off to other recycling companies, and donate to charities. If you know of a charity that needs LCD monitors, please let them know to contact us. We can furnish them with all the working LCD’s they need at no cost to them. That’s right. Free LCD’s for charities.

Our Street Address Is:

Seattle Computer Recycling
7523 Aurora Ave N
Seattle WA, 98103