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Corporate Computer E-Waste Pickup Service

We Pick Up Corporate E-waste: Seattle Computer Recycling will come to your location, and remove your surplus computers, laptops, networking equipment, and other types of e-waste. Our prices are fair, and we guarantee to wipe all data from computers we recycle.

Cost To Recycle Computers / E-Waste: In most cases there is no charge to remove electronic waste. Our company is a computer and laptop re-furbisher, and the electronics we remove will usually pay for the pickup. If we pick up scrap, the charge is usually less than $150 regardless of what type of surplus equipment is it. Call 206-653-0251 if you would like more information. – Contact Us –

Schedule A Recycling Pickup

Schedule A Pickup: If you need information about our corporate pick-up service call us, and set up an appointment. We can help your staff inventory and audit your equipment, and break it down when necessary.Schedule A Computer Recycling Pickup

Data Destruction

Onsite Data Destruction: At Seattle Computer Recycling we understand that your company may have it’s own data destruction and wiping policies. Different companies, and corporations will need onsite data wiping, and on-site data destruction, and we can do this. If your particular corporation has a strict data destruction policy, and all of your data must be wiped, or your hard drives will need to be destroyed before your computers can be recycled and removed we can help with this. Seattle Computer Recycling offers many different options for your on-site data destruction needs.

Hard Drive Destruction: Our company uses a 12,000 pound press to crush hard drives. Our team can simply come to your location, and them we can destroy your computer’s, and laptop’s hard drives on-site. We can then remove the scrap for our material recycling. Our staff will if necessary remove all of your hard drives from your surplus computers, laptops, or Macbooks that you would like to have recycled, and then destroy them at your convenience.

Data Center Closing – Removal / Recycling

We Will Dispose Of The Assets Of Closing Data Centers: If your company is downsizing, or moving data operations to the cloud we can come in, tear down, and dispose of the equipment in a data center. We will responsibly recycle all computers, and equipment we remove. Of course we will wipe all data etc. We specialize in dismantling data centers. Our corporate recycling pickup service includes data centers. More – Computer Recycling Information –

Take Advantage Of Our Corporate Computer Recycling and E-waste Pickup Service: Just ask us how we can help. If it makes sense you can simply bring in your computers, laptops and equipment to our store at 76th and Aurora and recycle them there. We will even come to your business and pick up and recycle unwanted POS equipment. – See POS Recycling – .