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Seattle Computer Recycling Recycles Electronics and E-Waste of All Types

Electronics RecyclingOur company recycles electronics like test equipment, stereos, VCR recorders, cameras, phones, cell phones etc. Many of the electronic devices left for recycling don’t work. A lot of them can actually be repaired, so we fix them so they can be re-used or resold when possible. It isn’t E-Waste if it is repaired or refurbished. All items left for recycling that can not be repaired are given to proper materials recyclers. We do all we can to eliminate or reduce putting electronics into landfills.

Please bring in all your unneeded electronics and e-waste for recycling. Even if it doesn’t work, we will take it. Rest assured we will responsibly take care of all electronics left. Over 90% of all the material in cell phones can be re-used when processed for recycling.

Cost of Electronics Recycling:

We recycle almost all electronics, and stereos at no charge.

Our Street Address Is:

Seattle Computer Recycling
7523 Aurora Ave N
Seattle WA, 98103