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Computer Recycling in Seattle

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Seattle Computer Recycling

Seattle Computer Recycling: We have been recycling and repairing recycled computers, laptops, and Macs for  more than 22 years in the Seattle Area. Seattle Computer Recycling is a responsible E-waste recycler. Our team offers Seattle Companies and Computer Users a responsible option to recycle for re-use and re-purposing unwanted computers. Our crew can dispose of end of life cycle and other surplus computer equipment and other E-Waste. See – About Seattle Computer Recycling – New Summer Hours! We are open Tuesday – Saturday 11 to 4. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Local Seattle Computer Recycler: All Seattle based consumers and companies face a problem. The problem is how do they responsibly and safely dispose of older computers, laptops, servers, Macs and other  E-Waste. They now have a local solution which focuses on the re-use of recycled computers like no other. We repair and re-furbish all recycled computers, laptops, and Macbooks possible.

Computer Recycling in Seattle

Properly Recycle Computers: As consumers and businesses in the Greater Seattle Area upgrade their Macs, and PCs, there can be a problem. More computers and other types of E-Waste is unfortunately finding their way into the regular garbage waste stream. As a result The EPA claims that each year over two million tons of E-Waste is not properly disposed of. Computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices are discarded into U.S. landfills unfortunately. These electronics are not being properly recycled.

Be A Partner

Your Recycling Partner: Now businesses and consumers in Seattle have a partner in the computer, laptop, and E-waste recycling business. Our team understands the need to safely dispose of and recycle computers. Everyone agrees that computers, and other electronics need to be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. We all understand the need to keep our soil, and water free from E-Waste contamination. In other words we can work together to protect our environment.

We Repair Recycled Computers When Possible: By proudly promoting recycled computer and laptop re-use by repairing computers for re-purposing, we greatly reduce E-Waste. Recycle your computers and electronics today, and rest assured we will do all we can to extend their lives when possible to reduce environmental impact.

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Call Us Now 206-792-5210 : Contact Seattle Computer Recycling to find out how you can easily dispose of, drop off, or recycle your E-Waste, Computers, Macs, Macbooks, Cell Phones, and  POS Equipment – Computer Recycling is FREE! 

Seattle Computer Recycling: We ensure that we are properly disposing of all computers and E-Waste left for recycling, or reuse, or are picked up from local companies. None of Seattle’s toxic E-Waste will be dumped into any landfills if we can help it. If you have been looking forward to getting your computer or laptop recycled, bring your devices or E-Waste to our store in Seattle at 76th and Aurora. We will provide more information about our recycling service upon request.

Computer Recycling Seattle


Your Best Solution For Recycling Computers: Several companies deal in computer recycling in Seattle. None do more than Seattle Computer Recycling to make sure no E-Waste is sent offshore. All computers that can be repaired and re-purposed for re-use will find a second life somewhere. We sell refurbished computers, laptops, and Macs in our store. All refurbished computers and laptops are sold with a warranty, and we offer lifetime tech support too.

Motherboard Recycling: Our company specializes in desktop computer and laptop motherboard recycling. Many recycled computers, laptops, and Macbooks have good motherboards that can be re-used to repair broken computers, and thus keep new computers from being manufactured. This is better than recycling. Re-using components whenever possible is great for the environment!

Secure Data Wiping: Security compliance, identity theft, and other cyber crimes have turned out to be a major concern of many Seattle companies and computer users. Seattle Computer Recycling stands out to be your best partner in the safe computer recycling business. We understand safe disposal of your computers, laptops, and Macbooks in a way that assures there is no exploitation of data under any circumstances. The hard drives in recycled computers and laptop are erased or physically destroyed to ensure that the information does not slip into the wrong hands. Ever. On clients’ demands, we can even offer a certificate of destruction for all hard drives, PCs, and laptops, and on-site data destruction. Just ask.



Free Computer Recycling

No Charge For Computer Recycling: At Seattle Computer Recycling there is no cost to recycle computers, laptops, Macs, Macbooks, Cell Phones, Tablets of other E-Waste. Our computer recycling service is free. In most cases our corporate recycling pickup service is also free. Many of our competitors charge to remove E-Waste, and recycled computers, and networking equipment. In almost all cases when your company recycles its computers, there is no pick-up charge. See – Free Computer Pickup Service – for more details. New Summer Hours! We are open Tuesday – Saturday 11 to 4. Closed Sunday and Monday.

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Seattle Computer Recycling

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