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Seattle Computer Recycling Recycles All Cell Phones And Chargers

Cell Phone Recycling in Seattle: Seattle Computer Recycling takes in / accepts for recycling used cell phones, working or not. Many of the used cell phones left for recycling may work, and can be used by someone else, or they can be repaired for re-use. This is the best form of recycling. Many of these cell phones are older, but still may be functional, and we will give them away or donate them, and find someone that can use them if they work. This keeps other cell phones from being manufactured with is great for the planet, and the environment.

cell phone recycling


Bring In Your Old Cell Phones: Please folks, bring in all of your unneeded cell phones for recycling. Even if your old phone doesn’t work we will take it and recycle it properly. Your old phone will never end up in a landfill, or contaminate our environment. Never ever.


Cost of Cell Phone Recycling: We recycle all cell phones at no charge. That’s right. Recycling cell phones is always free at Seattle Computer Recycling. We also recycle cell phone cables, and chargers for free. Even cell phone accessories for older cell phone models.


cell phone recycling


Cell Phone Recycling is Important: Please read – Recycling Cell Phones – for more information. There are many uses for recycled cell phones. Some recycled cell phones are reset / wiped and resold for people who can’t afford a brand new one. Others are given away to charities. We will do all we can to give all recycled cell phones a second life when possible. We recycle for re-use always.

We also recycle computers and laptops. – Computer / Laptop Recycling –


Provide Pin For Recycled Cell PhonesPlease Write Your Pin On Your Cell Phone Before Recycling It So It Can Be Re-Used: If we have the pin we can reset recycled cell phones so they can be re-used. If you are concerned about your data or pictures, simply reset your phone before recycling it, and make the pin 123456, and write it on the phone. This is the easiest way to be sure your old phone can be refurbished for re-use, which is the best thing for the environment. It also means your data will be gone. This is the safest thing to do with old phones.

Cell Phone Recycling Information

Have you noticed almost everyone you see has a cell phone in their hand? Every 18 months Americans will buy a new cell phone on average. We rely on them for, well, everything. From internet surfing, to running apps, and playing games. From GPS to reminders. We need our cell phones, and when we get new ones, the old ones need to be recycled responsibly.

Around 100 million to 120 million cell phones will be discarded a year. Our old cell phones are now the fastest growing form of e-waste. All of these recycled cell phones are causing a serious problem. Electronic waste, like in cell phones contain lots of hazardous materials. Many folks just throw away their cell phones into landfills. This pollutes both air and groundwater in many areas.

We Can Make A Difference

Recycling Cell Phones Absolutely Makes A Difference: Yes we can make a real difference and stop many kinds of pollution by simply properly recycling your old cell phones. Because of innovative new technologies up to 80% of the materials that are used in manufacturing cell phones can be recycled for re-use when they are recycled properly. It is amazing. Recycling your old cell phone will help us all by:

•Conserving Our Environment: We all know that our cell phones contain lots of hazardous materials. Things like lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and even brominated flame retardants. When old cell phones are discarded of improperly, or are even burnt, all of these toxic metals are released into our environment, and this is causing a lot of pollution. Even when old cell phones are not burnt, they can end up corroding in the ground, and slowly contaminating water resources. Even contaminating our landfills. With proper cell phone recycling processes, all of these hazardous materials will be properly recycled and then reused without contaminating our environment.

Recycling Cell Phones Helps The Environment

•Recycling Cell Phones Saves Energy: Properly recycling old cell phones actually conserves energy. Did you know that only one recycled cell phone will actually save enough total energy to charge a regular laptop for 44 hours. If the 130,000 cell phones that are thrown away every year were recycled, it would save enough energy to power 24,000 homes. That is a lot of coal or natural gas that wouldn’t have to be burned if more people properly recycled all their cell phones, and their accessories.

•Recycling Cell Phones Reduces Mining: The minerals in cell phones are becoming more scarce, and if more cell phones are recycled, these substances would not have to be mined. They can be recovered from ground up old cell phones. One million properly recycled cellular phones will produce 35,000 lbs of copper, over 770 lbs of silver, and even 75 lbs of gold. Yes gold. Recycling cell phones keeps these minerals from being mined.

Recycling Cell Phones

•Proper Cell Phone Recycling Prevents Health Problems: If exposed to toxic materials that are contained in improperly disposed of cell phones, humans may develop serious health concerns. Animals too. We all know what being exposed to lead does. Lead causes cancer, and also affects human cognitive functions. We also know that Mercury is fatal or destructive to both humans and animals. We need to do all we can to keep these elements out of our bodies and out of our environment. Every species is affected by the toxic substances that leach into the soil, and water when electronics are not properly disposed of or recycled correctly.

•We Are Proud To Accept Cell Phones For Recycling: All cell phones recycled at Seattle Computer Recycling will be refurbished for re-use, or disposed of properly. Not one single cell phone recycled at our company has ever went to a landfill.





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