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We Securely Wipe Data From All Recycled Computers: Seattle Computer Recycling will wipe all data from the hard drives inside of all recycled computers, laptops, and Macs. You don’t have to worry about your data when you recycle with us. We offer secure data destruction service. Our staff understands our customers are concerned about having their hard drive’s data wiped. Technicians can begin the data wiping process while they wait if they would like. We can also remove and destroy their hard drives when they come into our store at 76th and Aurora. If you have any questions about data wiping of the hard drives of recycled computers, laptops, or Macs just ask about our secure data wiping service. See – Computer Recycling –

Hard Drive Recycling

dBan secure data wiping software

Our Hard Drive Recycling Process: At Seattle Computer Recycling we do all we can to re-use all computer parts when possible. This includes re-using hard drives. Our company securely wipes all hard drives, and then after wiping the data, we test them with a quick check for their overall health. When the drive appears to be healthy we will do an extended hard drive test. If the recycled hard drive passes our testing, we can then re-use it in a refurbished computer. If a hard drive does not test 100% healthy, we destroy it. We will recycle the circuit board, and the other parts including disc. We will normally use – dBan Data Wiping Software – for our data wiping process. Some of our customers request we use Apple’s multiple pass data wiping utility in disk tools, and we can do that upon request when we recycle Macbooks, and iMacs.

Onsite Data Destruction: Our company Seattle Computer Recycling understands corporate data destruction. Because of  all of the different data destruction policies different corporations, and companies have, some may need onsite data wiping, and data destruction. If your company has strict data destruction policies, and all data must be wiped or your hard drives destroyed before computers can be recycled we can help. We offer different options for on-site data destruction. Call 206-653-0251 if your would like more information.

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction: Seattle Computer Recycling uses a 12,000 lb press to completely destroy hard drive platters. Our techs can come to your company and destroy hard drives on-site, and then remove them for material recycling. Our staff will remove the hard drives from the computers, laptops, or Macbooks you would like to recycle, and destroy them at your convenience. When it comes to making sure data could not possibly be recovered by any means, this is the most sure way. Simply destroy the hard drive. We can wipe or destroy your company’s hard drives on your loading dock, in an office, or at your data center.

Destroying Hard Drives

Certificate Of Destruction: When we pick up computers for recycling, in many cases we inventory them. We will record serial numbers, or asset numbers, and then remove the hard drives later for data wiping. Once we complete this process we can supply a certificate of destruction, or notification of data wiping for your company. This is fairly normal in corporate computer recycling. If you are worried about secure data destruction of your company’s recycled computer’s hard drives just ask.

Auditing Destroyed Hard Drives: Our company can record serial numbers of hard drives we wipe and destroy and create an audit trail for our company’s auditors upon request.

Call For More Information: If you would like more information about our data destruction, or data wiping services feel free to call 206-653-0251 during normal business hours. We will soon have a location in Everett to bring in computers for recycling. Please check the website – Everett Computer Recycling – to find out when we will open.