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Free Laptop Recycling in Seattle

Of Course Seattle Computer Recycling Will Recycle Laptops And Laptop Chargers / AC Adapters:  We recycle at no charge laptops, and their chargers / adapters and other laptop accessories. We wipe the data for free on every laptop recycled. We also recycle docking stations, and other laptop parts. If you have a laptop you need to recycle we will take it, working or not.

Recycling For Re-Use: Every laptop brought in, or picked up for recycling by us is inspected to see if it can be repaired and the laptop or it’s parts reused. Many laptops that are broken or are not worth preparing for re-use have many parts that can be used to repair other laptops. Re-using parts from recycled laptops is great for the environment. See – Recycling For Re-Use – 


Giving Laptops A Second Life


Laptop Recycling SeattleSecond Life Refurbishing: Our focus is to find a use or second life for all laptops or other computer equipment and e-waste left for recycling. This means that we fix and refurbish for resale or re-purposing as many recycled laptops possible. Seattle Computer Recycling does more than any other local computer or laptop recycling company in Seattle to repair broken laptops so they can be re-used or donated.

Bring In Unwanted Laptops / Computers: Please bring in all your unneeded or unwanted laptops for recycling because it is good for the environment. We are open 7 days a week! Laptops, Macbooks, and other E-Waste is accepted. We will soon be opening – Everett Computer Recycling – in Everett. If you have laptops, computers, or e-waste to recycle, and you live in Everett you can come into our place in North Seattle, or we will soon have a drop off point closer to you. We are expanding our computer and laptop recycling business and look forward to helping you, or your company. Always, recycling laptops is free.

Corporate Pick-Up Service

Schedule A Recycling Pickup: If your company has laptops to recycle give us a call and schedule a pick-up. In most cases our recycling pick up service is either free, or very low cost because we may be able to resell some items to offset our recycling labor and fuel costs. – Computer Pick Up Service –

Cost of Laptop Computer Recycling: There is no charge to recycle laptops, their adapters, or laptop parts. Seattle Computer Recycling will responsibly recycle a wide array of unwanted end of life laptops and other electronics at no cost to Seattle residents. Recycled items don’t have to be in working condition or complete. All recycled computers, laptops, cameras, tablets, smartphones and other items like computer servers will undergo our secure free data wiping and or destruction process. We even recycle POS Equipment, and cash registers.

Seattle Computer Recycling: We have been recycling computers, laptops, and Macs for over 20 years in the Seattle Area. We the number one laptop recycler in the area. Please call any time during business hours if you have any questions about recycling laptops, or computers.

Schedule A Computer Recycling PickupOur Street Address Is:

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