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Computer Recycling in Seattle

Computer Recycling Seattle: Walking along the street shows us the remnants of electronics (PCs or random monitors, laptops, hardware, Macs, peripheral systems, etc.) dumped all around, and the scenario has been turning graver with the gradual increase in the technological genre. Computer recycling Seattle believes in the 3 R’s, that is, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. All the desktops and laptops are recycled to minimize the number of electronic wastes being generated by the present population.

PC Recycle Seattle ensures reducing the toxic e-waste from being dumped into the landfills. If you have been looking forward to getting your computer or laptop recycled, bring your device to our store in Seattle.

Computer Recycling SeattleThe initiative of the Basel Action Network:

Several companies deal in computer recycling in Seattle, and they continue loading scraps offshore wherein the wastes are processed in an extremely un-eco-friendly manner. This, in turn, not only pollutes the environment but also causes several health risks to the people engaged at that workplace.

Puckett, the founder of non-profitable BAN or Basal Action Network, has waged a lonely war to quit The United States and similar other wealthy nations from treating the emerging nations as e-waste junkyards. Safe disposal of the wastes is an important aspect in treating the Earth right. Not only does this prevent the exportation of hazardous materials but also enables the provisions to keep the data safe and secure. Seattle computer recycling services ensure featuring multiple recycling options for the customers to opt for a better environmental value and introduce the scraps back to our lives in a new form.

Secure Data Wiping:

Security compliance, identity theft, and other cyber crimes have turned out to be a major concern of most Seattle companies to obtain private information. Tossing the hard disks and computer parts may keep the companies vulnerable and insecure to unscrupulous people who may search for valuable data such as social security numbers or credit card numbers. Computer Recycling Service Seattle stands out to be your best partner in computer recycling business and understands safe disposal of your gadget in a way that assures no exploitation of data. The hard drives are erased and physically destroyed to ensure that the information does not slip into the wrong hands. On clients’ demands, we can even offer a certificate of destruction for all hard drives, PCs, and laptops.

With years of experience in asset recovery, data security and other prospects of information technology, PC Recycling Seattle are known to offer the best corporate recycling services. You are always welcome to give us a call for booking an appointment or scheduling a pick-up and experience the best of our services.

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Many computers end up in burn piles, and are disposed of in ways that would make you almost as sick as the people working the burn pile. We do all we can to find a use for every piece of equipment left at Seattle Computer Recycling

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