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Why is it important to recycle computer equipment? Also known as e-waste, discarded computer equipment comprises monitors, printers, hard drives and circuit boards. Such items should on no account be thrown out with your household rubbish because they contain toxic substances, and are effectively hazardous waste.

Seattle Computer Recycling is Located Inside Seattle Laptop Seattle Computer Recycling / Seattle Laptop has been recycling laptops and desktop computers for many years. We do all we can to repair recycled laptops and desktops, or use as many of their parts as possible. Every laptop we can fix is one less for the landfill, and one more happy laptop user.

Recycle Your Electronics lets you look up the electronics recycling drop-off locations nearest you. Find out where you can take your old electronics today!


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Many computers end up in burn piles, and are disposed of in ways that would make you almost as sick as the people working the burn pile. We do all we can to find a use for every piece of equipment left at Seattle Computer Recycling

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