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Computer Repair

Laptop Desktop and Apple Repair since 1996. No Appointment Needed!

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Computer Recycling

Free Computer Laptop and Apple Recycling (No TV Sets – Printer Fees)

All Services

We offer a full range of affordable computer laptop and Mac repair services on all makes and models.

FREE Consulting Service

Not sure what is wrong with your computer Macbook or laptop? Stop into Seattle Laptop at 76th and Aurora for FREE computer assessment / consulting. No Appointment Necessary.

Hardware Repair

We can diagnose, fix, and repair just about any hardware related issue with your computer laptop or Mac. From screens, keyboards, and powerjacks, to liquid damage. We can fix it.

Software Repair

We fix and repair all manner of software related issues. From virus and malware removal to data backups and operating system upgrades, repair, and installation. Tune Up’s too.

Computer Recycling

Laptop, desktop, and Mac / Macbook recycling. Bring in your computers for recycling, or call to schedule a pickup if you are a business. Our computer recycling pickup prices are affordable.

Virus / Malware Removal

We specialize in cleaning viruses, spyware, and malware from infected computers. Our prices are great and our service is unmatched! Both PC and yes even Mac / Macbook cleaning.

Computer Tune-Up

If your computer laptop or Mac is running slow we can help. From a regular Tune Up / Clean Up to a Ram or SSD Hard Drive Upgrade. We can significantly improve performance.

Data Backups

Our company specializes in backing up data from non working computers as well as Level One and Two Data Recovery. Affordable data backup / recovery pricing.

System Upgrades / Updates

Every customer has different needs. From Tune Ups to upgrading ram hard drives or video cards. We can do it. Call or stop by and we can discuss multiple upgrade options.

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