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206-653-0251 computerrecyclingseattle@gmail.com

Computer Recycling Seattle Will Recycle All Hard Drives And Destroy The Data

We recycle at no charge all desktop and laptop hard drives. We also recycle server, SAS, SATA, IDE, SCSI and laptop hard drives.

Every single hard drive we recycle is wiped with DOD approved multiple pass data zeroing software, and then tested so it can be reused. All data on recycled hard drives is wiped to an extent that it can not be recovered. Period. Your data will be safely removed. Bringing in your hard drives for recycling is safer, and better than just letting them sit around your house, your garage, or in your basement.

Some hard drives that are recycled are defective, and can not be wiped, and these are destroyed by us, and then sent to a hard drive shredder and are ground up.

We try to re-use all hard drives left for recycling when possible.

Please bring in all your unneeded hard drives of all types for recycling.

Cost of Hard Drive Recycling And Data Wiping:

No Charge to recycle hard drives, and wipe the data.

Our Street Address Is:

Computer Recycling Seattle
Seattle Laptop
7525 Aurora Ave N
Seattle WA, 98103

Our Hours Of Operation Are:

Monday through Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturdays                      10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sundays                         Noon to 5:00 PM